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A perfect solution for demanding Clients!
Modern design, innovative technology and high energy efficiency that ensure lower heating bills!


  1. Energy efficiency as a result of the optimal profile structure, specially designed sealing system made of foamed EPDM and glass packages with low thermal transmittance.

  2. Modern design that is guaranteed by the slim, round-shaped profiles.

  3. High safety level guaranteed by two anti-burglary bolts in standard.

  4. Wide range veneer colours that ensures numerous interior design styles.

  5. Good parameters of sound insulation that ensure acoustic comfort even in places with intense traffic.

  6. Great parameters of air permeability and water resistance as a result of using triple sealing.

  7. System offers great resistance to wind  load thanks to optimal reinforcement.

  8. The possibility to execute in the so-called thin wielding technology V-Perfect, that allows to connect the profiles perfectly and it guarantees better clamp and wielding control, and, as a result, very good parameters in the resistance tests of the corners.

Technical Data


Maximal glazing thickness up to 48 mm.

Glass package  4/18/4/18/4 with thermal transmittance  Ug = 0,5 W/(m2K) in standard;

The possibility to apply four-glass package filled with krypton with Ug = 0,3 W/(m2K);

The possibility to apply glass with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornament or solar protective.

Thermal insulation

Uw = 0,59 W/(m2K)* with glass fiber reinforcement for glass with coefficient Ug = 0,3 filled with krypton Uw= 0,81 W/(m2K)* with steel reinforcement and glass package Ug = 0,5 W/(m2K).

*For a window of 1230x1480mm – CSI in the Czech Republic​


MACO MULTI MATIC KS with two anti-burglary bolts in standard. Silver-Look coating and line-shaped concavities in espagnolette, optionally hinges hidden in the fitting notch; solutions in anti-burglary class RC 2 and RC 2N, window equipped with lifting sash and handle misplacement blockage *, micro-ventilation in a slot **. Modern twin-fit fittings that enable double window tilt with one movement of the handle.


Sound insulation

Rw = 35-46 dB (depending on  applied glass packages)

Spacer frame
Steel galvanized spacer frame in standard, optionally Swisspacer Ultimate available in various colour options.



7-chamber frame and sash profiles made exclusively of prime material in A-class with installation depth 82 mm.

Frame reinforcement – full steel (closed). In the full reinforcement, anti-burglary bolts are screwed to the steel. C-shaped beam reinforcement in the sash. The possibility to apply glass fiber reinforcement which improves thermal insulation parameters of the window.


Colour range

The system is available in 36 Renolit foil colours on white , brown or anthracite core.


The window is equipped with a system of triple sealing; external, internal made of EPDM, and central made of foamed EPDM. External and internal gaskets are available in black, grey and graphite colours.

*Depending on the window height

**for tilt and turn windows

Iglo Energy Classic Anthracite Core

Anthracite Core in the Drutex PVC Profiles

Drutex introduced to its range PVC core in the colour of anthracite. This action has extended the already vast product range of options for this collection from this leading European producer. 

In the past, the preferential demand from clients for door and window carpentry has seemingly not been met, as most producers offer only white as the available colour. Drutex, being the forerunner of a multitude of solutions in the field, offers a few dozen colour possibilities in PVC carpentry. 

In the case of double sided veneer, the introduction of another colour for the core, besides white and brown, will allow the entire profile of the window to have continuous colour throughout the window frame. This can be observed especially well when the window is open.

“The new PVC anthracite core colour will definitely make our extensive array of world-wide products more attractive to clients. This is another step in the direction for our products to be even more competitive, as it creates further options and opportunities for customers who prefer the toned-down, grey shades, so popular in modern architecture.” Marcin Kloska, Commercial Director, Drutex S. A.

The solution is available in the seven chamber system Iglo Energy Classic. This system is produced entirely from primal material in the highest quality A class PVC. The frame and sash installation depth in this system is 82 mm.

Iglo Energy Classic Anthracite Core.jpg
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