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MasterLine 8 aluminium doors offer excellent levels of safety, thermal insulation, and stability. These pivot doors make excellent entrance doors, and are available in a standard size, an impressive XL and a Landscape variant with multiple linked vents

The MasterLine 8 pivot doors feature a unique pivot hinge mechanism that allows the door to rotate on a vertical access, providing a smooth and effortless operation. These doors are available in different sizes, styles and configurations to suit many different architectural styles and customer preferences.

Technical Details

Thermal Insulation 

Ud (door thermal transmittance coefficient) 1.2 W/m2K



Class 4 (600Pa)

Class 4a (150Pa)

Class C3 (1200Pa)

Construction Depth (frame and sash):

77 mm

Door Panel Height Restrictions

Minimum 2200mm

Maximum 3000mm  

Door Panel Width Restrictions 

Minimum 1330mm 

Maximum 1625mm

Product Options

The MasterLine 8 Pivot Door can be personalized with the following options:

Low or No Threshold:

The MasterLine 8 Pivot Door can come with either a low threshold on the floor or no threshold at all, leading to a cleaner look.


The doors have the option of being equipped with a motor that allows the door to open electronically. This feature provides convenience and ease of use as these pivot doors are larger and heavier.

Access Control:

This option allows the home to be smart and more connected with secure and controlled entry through integration with electronic security systems.

Concealed Drainage:

This option means that the water management system is integrated within the door frame, eliminating visible drainage elements and maintaining a seamless appearance.


The option of a gutter in the MasterLine 8 Pivot Door allows for effective water management and prevents water infiltration.


The Softclose option in the MasterLine 8 Pivot Door allows for gentle and noiseless closing without any slamming. This adds a refined user experience as well as a touch of elegance.

Door Panel Models  

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