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Aluminium anti-burglary roller shutter was created for people who value their safety and those close to them.


  1. Roller shutters installed on the window or in the wall, both during the house construction and in already existing buildings.

  2. They provide a perfect protection against noise and significantly improve the quality of life in the flat.  

  3. They decrease heat energy needs in the building, reducing heating and air-conditioning costs in the building.   

  4. Through application of a mosquito net they give a perfect protection against insects, mosquitos etc.  

  5. They increase safety level as an extra anti-burglary protection. 

  6. Manual and automatic control possibility.

  7. Wide colour range allows to match to the colours of the building, windows etc. 

Technical Data

  • Three types: 45o, recessed 90o and oval 

  • The height of the box from 137, 165, 180 mm (45o), 139x145, 167x171, 182x190 mm (oval), 137, 165, 180 mm (recessed)

  • Access to the box for the 45o roller shutter and oval roller shutter from the front, and for the recessed rolled shutter from the bottom which allows to build it in.  

  • Box and roller guide available in wide range of all RAL colors and woodgrain.   

  • Slats available in 9 different color options. 

  • The possibility to apply the mosquito net on the outside. 

  • End slat is available in various color options according to RAL color range. 



  • manual or automatic, 

  • manual: with a with a belt, a crank, or a belt with crank gearing,

  • automatic – by a remote, a key or switch controls,

  • possibility of intelligent roller shutters control. 


Protection against armor lifting: 

  • with a burglar proof fixation of the armor, 

  • with a manual or automatic lock, 

  • thanks to the installation of an espagnolette lock. 

Drutex has been producing systems of PVC and aluminum roller shutters for over 20 years. The original structures are the work of our own research and development department. Full control over the production process enables constant quality supervision and care for each detail of the technological process. Drutex roller shutters stand out for quality and functionality that respond to Clients’ needs, and long-time experience is reflected in their reliability and modern design.

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