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Facade blinds are the perfect solution that protects the rooms when applying large glazing.


1. Facade binds are the perfect solution that protects the rooms against excessive sunshine.

2. They ensure higher privacy as well as significant decrease of electricity bills for air-conditioning.

3. The possibility to couple them with weather stations which considerably increases the usage comfort.

4. In line with current architectural trends that opt for large glazing.

5. The product may be used both in existing buildings and those under construction.

6. The possibility to integrate with smart control systems that allow to control them with a tablet or a smartphone.

Technical Data

• stepless regulation of the tilt angle of the slats,

• Somfy motors as a standard with the overload function, detection of obstacles and option to control it with a smartphone or a tablet,

• the possibility to apply emergency control that constitutes an important fire protection,

• slats 80 mm wide (C 80) with curled sides, • wide range of slats colors,

• application of concealed or self-supporting guide rails,

• the product is available in the facade or top-mounted system.

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