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V-Perfect is the first and unique technology in the world that , completely removing from the corner the welding seam , enables manufacturing aesthetically perfect PVC windows.

Thanks to a patented technology that makes a profiles junction perfectly aligned, removing all previous defectiveness , PVC window quality of corners finishing is as good as wooden or aluminum windows. An amazing result up to now unattainable with any other welding method and which inaugurates the technology of PVC windows to unlimited creative and architectural possibilities.


With V-Perfect


Without V-Perfect

Aluminium, wood or PVC? V-perfect goes with all window profiles

When welding quality in the corners reaches levels of absolute excellence there is a free choice among different materials to get more performance and/or more preciousness. Not only because it is possible to choose PVC profiles covered with the different foils which reproduce the aesthetics of wood and aluminum, but also because the combination of PVC with other materials gives the guarantee of unthinkable results until now


PVC is already a material with a great importance in the window and door market due its high technical performances: this is a matter of fact. It is the material which probably offers the most favorable cost/performance ratio and enjoys the biggest world diffusion in manufacturing of windows. A market share which will increase the request of sustainable solutions and energetically efficient in the future.

But why do we have to sacrify the aesthetics on behalf of the efficiency when it is possible to have both?

Till yesterday the PVC has been the best technical choice…

  • Because it is economic and convenient

  • Because it ensures a good acustic and thermal isolation

  • Because it is fireproof and self-extiguishing

  • Because it is waterproof to fluids, to heavy rain, but also to gases and vapors

  • Because a maintenance is not required and it is easy to clean

  • Because it is not altered by the sunlight, the saltiness and by the humidity

  • Because it is extremely durable

  • Because it is stable and inert, safe for the use and the production

  • Because it is versatile and allows a wide set of application

  • Because it has a low environmental impact and it is recyclable at 100%

now with V-Perfect becomes a surprising aesthetic solution.

  • Because the welding perfection ensures an aesthetics never reached before by the PVC

  • Because the absence of the welding restriction ensures the maximum result also with the most precious and original profiles

  • Because the absence of the welding restriction avoids the corner seam painting after corner cleaning, which after few years fades and ruins the corner aesthetic

  • Because V-Perfect allows to cover the PVC profile also with the most noble materials such as wood, aluminum or other

  • Because, thanks to this original technology, designers, architects and profile producers imagination has no limits

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