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length - 1350 mm 

width - 295 mm 

thickness - 9 mm 

Amount of m² in a parcel - 3,186


How to make a unique wall from an ordinary wall, extremely quickly and easily? 
Just yes. 
Replace any other ideas, such as MDF, wood, ceramic tiles, decorative plaster or wallpaper, in one quick and durable way - the
KERRADECO system. 

KERRADECO is a material resistant to moisture, water and impact. It is durable, non-flammable, increases the acoustic insulation of the room and is covered by a 10-year warranty. 
System assembly is fast and uncomplicated. The boards are connected to each other by a tongue - groove. They are mounted directly to the wall on the glue or on the substructure, using screws. 

What's more, the KERRADECO installation is "clean" compared to traditional wall finishing methods (wallpapers or ceramic tiles), and immediately after its completion you can use the rooms. 

With KERRADECO, we can easily build partition walls, replacing it with drywall. A light frame is enough to enjoy a room arranged in a completely different way.

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