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The leading producer of  windows in Europe.

DRUTEX S.A., with the production capacity that allows to manufacture up to 7000 windows a day, is the leading producer in Europe. Apart from PVC woodwork they offer wood and aluminum windows and doors, aluminum facades, winter gardens, fire doors and roller shutters.

Autonomy in production

DRUEX produces windows from A to Z. It has its own research and development department, design department and testing laboratory. It independently produces top-quality A-class window and door profiles (exclusively of prime material) and composite glass. Apart from PVC woodwork it also offers roller shutters, wood and aluminum windows and doors, facades, winter gardens.

Own production of window and door

Own production of windows and doors

Drutex have their own research and development department, design office and testing laboratory, which allows them to control and supervise all processes critical for the quality of the woodwork. They apply cutting-edge computer software to design the woodwork very precisely, i. a. Autocad Mechanical - design and manufacturing software, upgraded by strength calculation option, and Flixo – software for thermal calculations.

Own production of window and door

The modern and fully automated mixer, the top class machines and tools for product quality measures, as well as production components, constitute the elements of our technological background and the basis for their know-how.

As a result, they are able to create original solutions regarding windows, doors, roller shutters, that match current market trends and Clients’ needs all over the world. All of their solutions have been patented and certified. They have numerous attestations and technical approvals issued by renowned research institutions worldwide.