Windows are the most exposed elements of any interior. Therefore, they require good framing and finishing. If you are looking for ideas of a quick and inexpensive change – check Vilo windowsills.
You will mount them effortlessly, without specialized tools and avoiding the mess. It is aesthetic, easy to clean, lightweight and durable.
Depending on the situation, you can select a chamber windowsill or windowsill overlay.
The range of available colours will allow you to perfectly match it to the character of your interiors.

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There are four colors of the chamber windowsills and windowsill overlays-renovation sill panels

The VILO windowsills made of PVC are durable, aesthetic and practical finishing elements of the window. With the high quality veneer, they are resistant to scratches and sunlight, whereas their surface is pleasant to touch and smooth, making them easy to clean. Vilo chamber windowsill is lightweight and very durable. Available range of colours will allow you to match the windowsill to any interior design. 

Product properties

window sill properties.png

Another convenient and practical solution includes windowsills and overlays cut to the desired size, which are sold together with end caps.


Select appropriate cover caps

VILO windowsills are equipped with cover caps in shades matching the colours of windowsills. You can choose white colour (for white and marble windowsills), golden oak or walnut.

Have you selected a suitable windowsill? Now simply mount it. You will get the satisfactory effect very quickly. It’s really easy!