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Additional Features


With over 20 years of experience in production of composite glass, we have a very wide range of glass that may equip your windows and doors. They fulfill strict requirements regarding energy efficiency and sound insulation. The offer also includes safe, anti-theft, sun screening glass, as well as glass with low transparency. There is also an option to apply polycarbonate and fillings.

Georgian Bars

Georgian bars make windows look elegant and unique. Their application gives windows individual, unique character.

Maco Multi Matic KS fittings

The fittings that DRUTEX applies are a perfect solution when it comes to safety and functionality of window and door woodwork. There is also a possibility to: • apply hidden hinges • apply fittings that fulfill burglar resistance requirements in RC1 class • apply fittings that fulfill burglar resistance requirements in RC2 class


The handles applied in our products stand out for elegant design, various color options and ergonomic shape. The implemented solutions give great application possibilities that fulfill Clients’ needs and expectations.

The handles come in options with a key or a button preventing accidental opening.

Hidden Hinges

Drutex offers for their windows hidden hinges meaning that the hinge is hidden in the rebate clearance (gap) between the sash and the frame. Thus, it cannot be seen when the window is closed. As a result, the windows look slender and more elegant , and it is also much easier to keep them clean. The use of hidden hinges increases the thermal and acoustic insulation of windows . This is due to the lack of gaps in the seal used around the perimeter of the window. Additional advantages of windows with hidden hinges are increased resistance to burglary, ease of assembly and disassembly and the fact that they do not close by themselves.

Hidden Hinges

Sandblasted Glass

The possibility of using sandblasted glass allows you to obtain any graphic patterns indicated by the customer - matte shapes on a transparent glass or transparent ones on a matte glass. This is done thanks to the technology that uses a stream of sand under high pressure.


In order to ensure living comfort and easy use of DRUTEX products, we apply high-quality ventilators in our products that enable proper ventilation and flow of fresh air with tightly closed windows. The benefits of the use of ventilators: • modern, natural and healthy ventilation • better air exchange, • thermal comfort in the rooms – no feeling of draught in the rooms (like with tilted windows) • the possibility to regulate the air flow depending on weather conditions and users’ requirements • reducing the risk of moisture in the rooms and growth of mold and fungus in the flat. • safety • wide range of possibilities: wooden windows, PVC windows, aluminum windows

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