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Cutting-Edge Technology

DRUTEX is an innovator and what contributes to the strengthening of the company’s leading position and to setting global trends on the window and door market is the policy that focuses on investment in modern technological facilities and innovative solutions regarding window and door woodwork.

All products are created in the company from A to Z. Own R&D department, research laboratories and construction offices devise concepts, prototypes and finished products that are 100% DRUTEX original solutions. The company has dozens of patents that confirm the innovativeness and originality of the developed technologies.

The production of window and door woodwork is carried out on production lines equipped with cutting-edge machines and equipment from renowned global companies, and it bases on top-quality components.


DRUTEX is also perfecting its technological facilities. The company engineers construct original equipment and machines for production of window and door woodwork that allow to optimize production processes and to create products which even better respond to Clients’ expectations and market trends.


DRUTEX is also one of very few companies to have created and implemented in production a professional robot for treatment of window and door woodwork. By creating a fully automatized production line based on the use of a robot, the company is able to increase manufacturing precision of the woodwork, to improve production repeatability and to increase speed and efficiency of operations, which enhances the main competitive advantage.

Thanks to the mobility and the compact size of the robot, it may be also applied in other working points in the factory. At the same time, the robot software, which is the result of own R&D department and Drutex’ original solution from A to Z, is highly intuitive and allows to develop and adapt the structure functions to new requirements.


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