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We have prepared a wide range of designs to choose from. Modern technologies used during production guarantee high resistance to external conditions and easy cleaning. We also offer the possibility of making doors according to your own design, we suggest the best construction solutions.

  1. Panels made from HPL plates

  2. Two versions of filling: CLASSIC (XPS extruded polystyrene) and PLUS (polyurethane foam and plywood)

  3. Available thickness: 24, 36 or 48mm

  4. Veneered doors made of HPL plate

  5. For filling: 24mm – an exterior glazing panel made of safety glass

  6. For fillings: 32 mm and 48mm – a glazing panel made of safety glass on the both sides

  7. Minimum/maximum dimensions depend on a model and the basic material

  8. You can choose from the ornaments: flush stainless steel ornaments and grooved panels




Aluplast PVC Colour Samples Download 


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