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MB-SR 50 N

Modern glass-aluminium systems distinguished by their high resistance and long-term durability

MB-SR 50N and MB-SR 50N HI aluminum facades are great solutions for glass facades in office buildings, public, commercial and service buildings, in showrooms, hotels, residential buildings, sports and recreational facilities, banks, offices, production plants etc. They are also used for a number of spatial structures and roof glazing that are intended to allow optimum daylight inside buildings and to create the proper climate and comfort for users. In line with current architectural trends, it enables to select mullion and transom profiles which flush with  each other on the inside surface of the façade and to obtain various options of external appearance.


Drutex facades stand out for perfect parameters in tightness, acoustic and thermal insulation. The system advantages lie in its great resistance and durability, which improves safety and the structure stability. The possibility to execute various shapes of façade structures due to high static parameters of the profiles, with a number of glazing options, including a so-called safe, anti-reflective glass, offers arrangement freedom that comply with European norms.​


  1. The possibility to achieve modern architecture of the building thanks to the shape of columns and pins that allows to build aesthetic facades with narrow dividing lines.

  2. High parameters of tightness and thermal insulation.

  3. Structure durability and resistance thanks to the high-quality aluminium profiles.

  4. Wide application options that allows to fulfill technically advanced expectations of investors, designers and architects. 

  5. The possibility to make curtain walls in various shapes thanks to high static parameters of the profiles.

  6. variations of interior designs, thanks to a number of different glazing types, e.g. anti-reflective , safety glass.

  7. Wide range of RAL colours gives You freedom in shaping the facades.

Technical Data


The possibility to apply glass with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornament and solar protective.

Colour range

According to the RAL color range and wood-grain coating from Aluprof ColorCollection


EPDM Spacer frame In standard there is steel galvanized frame. Optionally Swisspacer Ultimate available in various colour options.


The width of columns and bolts up to 50 mm, and the installation depth adopted to construction loads of the building; profile structure compatible with other window and door systems; application of a continuous thermal separator, and for MB-SR50 N HI profiles additionally a special insulating insert inside the section and the under window space.

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