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Sectional doors are a combination of high functionality and durability. The solid structure guarantees safety and easy operation. Their modernity is highlighted by the smartCONNECTED™ function, which allows you to control the door with the use of your smartphone.


Sectional garage doors are known for their versatility and functionality. Their advantages include:

  1. High Thermal Insulation: Sectional doors provide excellent thermal insulation, helping to maintain temperature control within the garage​​.

  2. Space-Saving Design: These doors open vertically and are stored under the ceiling, which helps to maximize the space both inside and in front of the garage​.

  3. Enhanced Security: Sectional doors often come with advanced locking mechanisms that enhance security, preventing unauthorized access​.

  4. Customization Options: There are numerous design and color options available, allowing homeowners to match the doors with the aesthetic of their property​.

  5. Smooth Operation: Equipped with high-quality components that ensure smooth and reliable operation, sectional doors can be operated with ease, often with the help of an electric drive unit​.

Sectional Garage Door Types

Technical Data

UniPro - Standard Class

• Torsion spring system designed for 25,000 cycles

• Galvanized construction

• Panel: 40 mm

• Panel heat transfer coefficient Up=0.48 W/m2 K (1)

• Rollers with bearings

UniTherm - Premium Class

• Torsion spring system designed for 25,000 cycles

• Galvanized construction

• Panel: INNOVO 60 mm

• Panel heat transfer coefficient Up=0.33 W/m2 K (1)

• Double rollers with bearings

• Flexible panel joint covers

• Double bottom gasket

PRIME - Luxury Class

• Torsion spring system designed for 25,000 cycles

• Galvanized and painted construction

• Panel: INNOVO 60 mm

• Panel heat transfer coefficient Up=0.33 W/m2 K (1)

• Double rollers with bearings

• Flexible panel joint covers

• Double bottom gasket • Protection system for mechanical elements

• Modern automatic operating units with high standard accessories



UniPro offers precision-manufactured garage doors with a wide variety of designs, colors, and motifs, making them suitable for both modern and traditional buildings. Their versatile design allows use in both new constructions and renovations. UniPro garage doors maintain full functionality and required parameters, making them a highly universal solution.

Functionality and Safety

Unipro offers a perfectly designed safety system.


The UniTherm garage door is highly resistant to wind load and water ingress, with low air permeability. These features enhance its durability and maintain its aesthetic appeal for years. This innovative design ensures both durability and safety while remaining functional for everyday use.

Functionality and Safety

All the safety systems of the UniTherm garage door work interdependently and harmoniously with its structural components, such as the inner covers at panel joints and the safety brake. With its perfectly integrated drive system, UniTherm sets a technological trend, demonstrating that quality and safety are closely linked.

Efficient Thermal Insulation 

The UniTherm garage door is designed for energy-efficient buildings, utilizing the thermal insulation of the INNOVO 60 mm panel and advanced sealing solutions. This significantly reduces heat loss, enhancing your home's energy efficiency.

The INNOVO Panel:

The INNOVO 60 mm panel's unique design offers an excellent heat transfer coefficient and provides a strong framework for the lining. Special features, like the 5-layer sheet bending system, ensure stable fastening and enhance the overall strength.



The PRIME sectional garage door is an exclusive and technologically advanced solution for your garage. Designed to meet bold architectural visions, it offers excellent thermal insulation, safety, and functionality. Every detail has been meticulously perfected.

Functionality and Safety

The PRIME garage door excels in design, functionality, and safety. Its comprehensive safety system and anti-burglary features ensure confidence and peace of mind. PRIME is the perfect choice for unique homes.

Efficient Thermal Insulation 

PRIME garage doors excel in thermal insulation, making them ideal for energy-efficient and passive buildings. Designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize thermal losses, they leverage the INNOVO panel's insulation properties and advanced sealing solutions to eliminate heat loss in key areas of the garage door leaf.


Renovation Solutions

Renovation adapts a building's functionality to its users' needs, often enhancing its aesthetic quality. Our solutions allow sectional garage doors to be installed in any garage opening, regardless of lintel or side clearance. Improve both the functionality and appearance of your garage with our renovation solutions.


UniPro RenoSystem

The UniPro RenoSystem addresses the needs of buildings undergoing renovation. Its door frames are designed for openings without lintels or side clearance and for uneven walls. The system includes fascia panels matching the door leaf color, providing a polished appearance without additional finishing work.

The RenoSystem addresses numerous issues that can arise during garage door replacement. It mounts directly to existing surfaces using angle bars, and the fascia panels compensate for any missing wall elements, ensuring functionality and stability.


UniPro SNP 2.0 & UniPro SSt 2.0

The UniPro SNP 2.0 and UniPro SSt 2.0 sectional garage doors are ideal for buildings with low lintels, limited space for torsion springs, and narrow side clearance, where traditional solutions are impractical. 


UniPro Nano80

The UniPro Nano80 garage door is designed for buildings with low lintels, where standard automatic doors cannot be installed. Its special track profile allows installation with lintels as low as 80 mm, enhancing user comfort. 


Sectional Door Installation Structure

This modern, functional solution enables the installation of sectional garage doors in any garage, regardless of building conditions. Serving as a robust framework, it compensates for missing lintel or side elements required for door mounting. Constructed from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and enhanced with fascia panels, it ensures your garage entrance remains aesthetically pleasing.


Rennovation Cladding Panels

This solution allows the garage door to seamlessly match the design of the building's facade, making it ideal for multi-car garage owners who value a cohesive architectural style. It ensures the garage integrates harmoniously with the overall structure of the building.


Finishing Thermal Seal

This solution provides an aesthetically pleasing, thermally insulated finish for the garage opening. By eliminating the gap between the insulation layer (such as polystyrene or Styrodur) and the door leaf surface, it enhances thermal insulation.

Renovation Fascia Panels

Replacing a garage door can damage the opening. Fascia panels, matching the door leaf color, can conceal any damage or unattractive structural elements, ensuring a clean and appealing finish.

They are also perfect for renovations with imperfectly finished garage openings. Featuring a specially designed system of tracks and frames, these doors allow easy position adjustment during installation. Their proven structure ensures reliability and easy installation, saving customers time and money.

With diverse designs and a wide color palette, the UniPro Nano80 can complement both traditional and modern buildings.

Garage Door Designs

Garage Door Versions

Garage Door Motifs

Wicket Door in the UniPro Garage Door

An option for 40 mm thick garage doors, enhancing functionality and providing daily benefits. A finely finished wicket door improves garage access when there's no side entrance, allowing entry without fully opening the garage door, saving both energy and time.

wicket door.jpg


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