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DECALU 88 STANDARD. The main goal of the project is to achieve similar or better thermal coefficients as compared to the existing systems, in connection with considerable simplification of the system structure. This, in turn, will greatly simplify the assembly technology of ready window and door structures and reduce the production time and the in-stock assortment of companies manufacturing ready window structures.

Technical data

  • instalation depth 88mm

  • max. glass thickness 71mm

  • Uw ≤ 0,9 W/m2*K

  • combination with the movable post 111.5mm

  • frame and sash combination 83mm

RAL Colour Chart

Powder Coating

Our collection includes timeless matt finishes, elegant structures, sophisticated metallic paint as well as special effects such as anodal paint and wood effect.



Coating Quality and Resistance

Powder varnishing ensures a more uniform coating and higher resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage and UV radiation than the so called wet coating, which allows to maintain aesthetic qualities and colour durability for years


The powder coating technology, thanks to the possibility to retrieve unused paint, is the most beneficial for environmental protection. Combined with the cutting edge technology and no need to use solvents, it ensures maximum safety also when it comes to ecology.


Wide Colour Range and Optional Coating Structures

The offer includes dozens of colours as well as structural coating, which enables a perfect arrangement of the building and product functionality (by giving smoothness or roughness)


Environmental Protection

  • innovative systems or rotary doors in the oven that minimizes heat loss

  • low temperature degreasing and digestion

  • their own waste water treatment plant complying with stringent EU requirements

  • cutting edge system of paint feeding ensuring almost 100% product use

  • close water circulation with the capacity of 12000 litres per hour

  • not using products containing Cr (VI)

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