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The new line of aluminium windows with increased thermal insulation, equipped with insulating inserts and a two-component central gasket, will ensure lower heating bills. The modern design with over 200 colours combined with many additional options will satisfy the most demanding customers.


  1. Windows in MB-79N SI system may be used both in individual buildings and in aluminum facades. 

  2. Increased thermal insulation of MB-79N SI system thanks to the application of an extra chamber in the thermal break.  

  3. Very good heat transmittance coefficient U thanks to the application of thermal breaks.

  4. Great choice of colours in the standard colour range enables to satisfy the  of most demanding clients.

  5. The profile shape enables to obtain slender and resistant structure of the windows and doors.

  6. Tightness is ensured thanks to the application of special gaskets made of two-component EPDM synthetic rubber: solid and cellular, that provides many years of exploitation as well as great thermal insulation.

  7. Wide range of filling thickness guarantees the possibility to use any standard and non-standard glass. 

Technical data


The profiles are fitted with insulating inserts produced using expanded polystyrene (EPS) and a two-component, central gasket

Spacer frame

Steel galvanized frame in standard, optionally- Swisspacer Ultimate available in various colour options



According to the RAL color range in gloss , structural finish, matte or wood-grain finish. 



Maco Multi Matic KS fittings with two anti-burglary bolts in standard; the window is equipped with a  blockage against handle misplacement and with a sash lift*; micro-ventilation in a slot  **;

*depending on  window height

**for tilt and turn windows



glazing with glass units up to 63 mm (windows)



This profile has a three-chamber structure with the structural depth of the window sections  70  mm (frames) and 79 mm (sash), with a thermal break made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass. Extra chamber in the thermal break.

RAL Colour Chart

Painting technology of Drutex aluminium woodwork is among the top technologies available on the global market. It ensures corrosion protection even in the most aggressive sea and industrial environment. The anodal layer ensures perfect powder paint adhesion and it fully protects the structure against filiform corrosion.

Powder Coating

The powder paint that Drutex applies is from renowned producers with years of experience on the architecture market. Their coating stands out for perfect resistance to weather conditions, are easy to maintain and they ensure superb appearance for years.

Our collection includes timeless matt finishes, elegant structures, sophisticated metallic paint as well as special effects such as anodal paint and wood effect.



Coating Quality and Resistance

Powder varnishing ensures a more uniform coating and higher resistance to abrasion, mechanical damage and UV radiation than the so called wet coating, which allows to maintain aesthetic qualities and colour durability for years


The powder coating technology, thanks to the possibility to retrieve unused paint, is the most beneficial for environmental protection. Combined with the cutting edge technology and no need to use solvents, it ensures maximum safety also when it comes to ecology.


Wide Colour Range and Optional Coating Structures

The offer includes dozens of colours as well as structural coating, which enables a perfect arrangement of the building and product functionality (by giving smoothness or roughness)


Environmental Protection

While designing the paint shop environmental aspects were key importance to Drutex. Apart from prolonging lifespan of their products, they minimize impact on the environment through:

  • innovative systems or rotary doors in the oven that minimizes heat loss

  • low temperature degreasing and digestion

  • their own waste water treatment plant complying with stringent EU requirements

  • cutting edge system of paint feeding ensuring almost 100% product use

  • close water circulation with the capacity of 12000 litres per hour

  • not using products containing Cr (VI)

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