There are a wide range of underlays available on the market which can make your head spin. Fortunately, at VOX everything is much easier. You can choose one out of four top-quality underlays developed for various floor types.

  WARM HOME Thanks to underfloor heating and the correct underlay, your children can play on a warm floor, and you can walk barefoot around the house. Max-Pod Alu Professional and Antislip Max underlays are ideal for use with underfloor heating, but the highest effectiveness of thermal conduction is provided by Max-Pod Alu Extreme

  GOOD SOUNDPROOFING Do you want peace and quite in your home? In the bedroom use Max-Pod SD Professional underlay which will absorb any sounds. In childrens bedrooms use Max-Pod Alu Extreme as it effectively reduces sounds created by footsteps.

  NO TO MOISTURE Specialist Max-Pod underlays are not a nutrient for mould and fungi, and hamper their development. They help protect the floor panels against moisture from the sub floor as they feature a moisture barrier.

MAX POD Underlay Range