Supertherm 90

  • The leaf thickness 90 mm
  • 3 seals 
  • Automatic threshold seal
  • Aluminium 4-chamber frame with PVC thermal break.
  • 2 frame chambers filled with polyurethane foam 
  • Perfect for passive and energy-saving houses


The doors are intended mainly for use as entrance doors in single-family housing. The leaf thickness of 90 mm, polyurethane foam filling and a four-chamber aluminum frame with a PVC partition filled with foam allows to reduce heat losses.

The leaf is equipped with a bolt system (automatic and key locking). The standard equipment includes 6 fixed pins which, when closing the door, engage in the sockets installed in the frame, preventing the sash from being pushed out.

The dedicated aluminum frame and threshold are equipped with a PVC thermal break, which provides effective insulation and contributes to a significant improvement in the energy balance of the house. Trouble-free replacement of the threshold in case of its destruction during use.

Massive hinges allow adjustment in three planes, which allows for a better fit of the leaf with the frame.

Technical parameters

  • leaf thickness - 90 mm

  • leaf filling - CFC-free polyurethane foam

  • thermal barrier eliminating the door freezing process, gasket in the leaf, two seals in the frame

  • the leaf is made in a rebated version

  • material - galvanized steel sheet, covered with a laminate resistant to weather conditions

  • 4-chamber aluminum frame with a PVC partition, filled with foam

  • three 3D hinges adjustable in three planes

Construction of the wing

  1. The frame SUPERTHERM 90 with a thermal barrier eliminating the cold bridge

  2. Hinges

  3. Filling - Polyurethane foam in the leaf and in two chambers of the frame

  4. Engineered timber insert

  5. Seals

  6. PVC thermal break

Supertherm 90