• Leaf width 54 mm

  • Leaf filling - foamed polystyrene

  • Double seals system

  • Expressive deep stamping (5 mm)

 Standard55 Door


Line of the doors addressed to clients, for whom the doors, besides their assigned functionality, are also a very important decorative element. The used design and natural colors of veneers perfectly match any place where the aesthetics serves as a primary feature, creates a unique atmosphere and is often about our well-being. Doors for apartments in single-family and multi-family housings. They meet the basic requirements for the external doors. This is another product from a wide range of Steel Plus, which provides for an excellent thermal insulation and protection from the weather conditions. Leaf of 54mm thickness, is made of high quality galvanized steel sheet covered with wood-like laminate, resistant to weather conditions. When buying Steel Standard 55 doors the client has confidence to obtain doors made of the highest quality materials from leading European suppliers. Doors approved for use in the construction industry based on ETA. In addition, the product is covered by the certificate. Available in stamped version (deep stampings in several both classical and modern models), or stamped with glazing available in several designs. Glazing is a package of insulating glass units. Filling is the plate of expanded polystyrene (self-extinguishing polystyrene EPS 100) adhered with polyurethane glue over the entire surface. Standard equipment includes basic lock and additional lock adapted to profile cylinder, three reinforced hinges and three security bolts. A structural element are wooden elements (wood glued in several layers) at the locks and hinges fixing. There are two types of frames covered with wood-like laminate resistant to weathering and stainless steel threshold. The seal around the frame perimeter and an additional seal in the leaf guarantee perfect performance of thermal insulation and protection against noise and prevent the formation of thermal bridge.

Technical parameters

  • Leaf thickness - 54 mm

  • Leaf filled with - foamed expanded polystyrene stamping

  • Deep leaf with a rebate

  • Material - galvanized steel sheet, covered with a wood-like laminate resistant to weather conditions

  • Frame made from galvanized steel sheet, thick 1,5mm

  • No problematic replacement of thresholds

  • Double seal systems which makes tight pushing of the leaf to a frame

  • Possibility to shorten the wind up to 130 mm

  • For a flat leaf with a wood-like structure a standard frame is used (no texture)

The construction of the wing

  1. Additional lock class 4

  2. Lock socket

  3. Basic lock class 4

  4. Reinforced regulated three piece hinge

  5. Anti-burglary bolt

  6. Wood block

  7. Rebate seal

  8. Expanded polystyrene plate

  9. Glue

  10. Zinc layer

  11. Steel sheet

  12. Zinc layer

  13. Wood-like laminate


Door samples

Our vision is to provide the highest quality services and products, by acting in accordance with the latest technology and long-term development. 

All types of entrance doors have undergone positive strength and acoustic tests. In external doors, attention was also paid to thermal insulation parameters.

In this case, in addition to the thicker stabilizing and thermal filling, a gasket was installed in the sash (the other in the frame). Different requirements for products affect the construction of doors and their equipment. Doors come in a flat or pressed version, their outer cover is made of wood-based veneers.

As a standard, the use of two three-bolt locks, anti-lift bolts and three hinges was adopted. Other elements such as door handles and inserts are selected individually. The highest quality folding door frames are used for the door set. The use of anchors facilitates assembly and provides users with long and reliable work. Powder coating is an additional product value. The proposed additions also include stainless steel sills in four variants.