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  • Leaf width 54 mm

  • Anti-burglary  P4 regulated reinforced hinges.

  • Leaf in a rebate version

 Plus Premium


 PLUS PREMIUM door is intended for single-family buildings as an entrance door.

The leaf is equipped with a multi-point strong locks system. The locks are characterized by 4th P4 anti-burglary class. Standard equipment comprises 3 bolts which, when door closes, enter into sockets in a frame and hence, they disable pushing the leaf out.

Varied widths of frames enable adjusting them to a building and an assembly hole. Unproblematic replacement of a threshold.

Double seals system makes that leaf is tightly pushed to the frame.

Noticeable deep & spatial stamping (5 mm) increases attractiveness of the door and it additionally makes the leaf structure more rigid.

Technical parameters

  • Leaf width - 54 mm

  • Leaf filling - foamed non-freon polystyrene

  • Stamping - deep spatial

  • Leaf in a rebate version

  • Material - steel galvanized sheet, covered by a wood-like laminate with a wood-texture resistant to weather conditions

  • Frame made from steel sheet, laminated, thick. 1.5 mm

  • Double seals system

  • Possibility to shorten a leaf up to 130 mm (it regards single leaf doors)

  • Possibility to shorten a leaf up to 100 mm (it regards double leaf doors)

  • No possibility to shorten doors with extra parts glazing with golden muntins only

The construction of the wing

  1. Additional lock class 4

  2. Lock pocket

  3. Multi-point lock class 4

  4. 3D hinge, regulated

  5. Anti-theft bolt

  6. Rebate version

  7. Stile of laminated wood

  8. Polyurethane foam

  9. Zinc layer

  10. Steel sheet

  11. Zinc layer

  12. Wood-like laminate

  13. Top protection

Door samples

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Our vision is to provide the highest quality services and products, by acting in accordance with the latest technology and long-term development. 

All types of entrance doors have undergone positive strength and acoustic tests. In external doors, attention was also paid to thermal insulation parameters.

In this case, in addition to the thicker stabilizing and thermal filling, a gasket was installed in the sash (the other in the frame). Different requirements for products affect the construction of doors and their equipment. Doors come in a flat or pressed version, their outer cover is made of wood-based veneers.

As a standard, the use of two three-bolt locks, anti-lift bolts and three hinges was adopted. Other elements such as door handles and inserts are selected individually. The highest quality folding door frames are used for the door set. The use of anchors facilitates assembly and provides users with long and reliable work. Powder coating is an additional product value. The proposed additions also include stainless steel sills in four variants.


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Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions our showroom has been temporary closed until further notice. Our team will be working from home so if you have any questions or request a quotation please contact us. Thank you for your support and please keep safe.

We also provide services for installing all of our products that we offer for sale. With our experience and skillful expertise, we can install top-quality doors and windows that not only look good, but also keep your premises secure.

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