• Thickness of the wing 75 mm

  • Very good thermal insulation parameters

  • Significant reduction in energy consumption

  • Perfect for passive and energy-saving houses

 Plus75 Passive 



Thanks to the very good thermal insulation parameters obtained, the  PLUS 75 Passive Glazed doors allow for a significant reduction of energy consumption, which is why they are perfect for passive and energy-saving houses.

The wing is equipped with a slat lock, which is a reliable, multi-point security. The locks have a burglary resistance class 4. The standard equipment includes 6 fixed anti-theft bolts that prevent the wing from being pushed out.

Dedicated steel frame and threshold are equipped with a thermal break, which ensures effective insulation and contributes to a significant improvement of the energy balance of the house. A trouble-free replacement of the threshold in case of its destruction during use.

Massive hinges allow adjustment in three planes, which allows a better fitting of the sash with the frame.

The system of three gaskets causes tight sealing of the sash to the frame.

Expressive deep drawing (5 mm) increases the attractiveness of the door and additionally stiffens the wing construction. 

Technical parameters

  • Leaf thickness - 75 mm

  • Filling the wing - polyurethane foam without fron

  • Stamping - deep

  • The wing is made in rebated version

  • Material - galvanized steel sheet, covered with a wood-like laminate resistant to atmospheric factors

  • Strip lock - 12 class 4 bolts

  • Frame made of 1.5 mm laminated steel sheet or optionally aluminum frame

  • 3D hinges adjustable in three dimensions

  • A system of three gaskets, which causes tight sealing of the sash to the frame

  • The possibility of shortening the wing by 130 mm

  • A standard door frame (without structure) is used for a flat leaf with a wood structure

The construction of the wing

  1. Class 4 multi-point strip lock

  2. Class 4 additional lock

  3. Hinge adjustable in 3 planes

  4. Anti-theft bolt 6 pcs

  5. Gaskets, glued timber frame and PVC strip on the perimeter of the wing

  6. Polyurethane foam

  7. A layer of zinc

  8. High quality steel sheet

  9. A layer of zinc

  10. Wood-like laminate


Door samples


Our vision is to provide the highest quality services and products, by acting in accordance with the latest technology and long-term development. 

All types of entrance doors have undergone positive strength and acoustic tests. In external doors, attention was also paid to thermal insulation parameters.

In this case, in addition to the thicker stabilizing and thermal filling, a gasket was installed in the sash (the other in the frame). Different requirements for products affect the construction of doors and their equipment. Doors come in a flat or pressed version, their outer cover is made of wood-based veneers.

As a standard, the use of two three-bolt locks, anti-lift bolts and three hinges was adopted. Other elements such as door handles and inserts are selected individually. The highest quality folding door frames are used for the door set. The use of anchors facilitates assembly and provides users with long and reliable work. Powder coating is an additional product value. The proposed additions also include stainless steel sills in four variants.