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A perfect combination of modern looks and rounded profile lines


  1. Good thermal and acoustic insulation parameters.

  2. A wide range of Renolit foils and the possibility to apply a number of door fillings, that enables a vast array of interior designs.

  3. High safety level guaranteed by high-quality door fittings. 

  4. Elegant design that matches current architectural trends. 

  5. Possibility to choose from a wide selection of shapes and patterns which create a unique character.

  6. Application of low threshold that ensures comfortable usage.

  7. The possibility to execute in the so-called thin wielding technology V-Perfect, that allows to connect the profiles perfectly and it guarantees better clamp and wielding control, and, as a result, very good parameters in the resistance tests of the corners.

Technical Data


Frame and sash profiles are made exclusively of prime material in A class, with profile depth 70 mm.


Colour range

The system is available in Renolit foil colours on white or brown core.

Sound insulation

Rw = 34-44 dB depending on the door fillings.



In standard, one-chamber glass package with thermal transmittance Ug = 1,0 W/(m2K) according to the PN-EN674 norn,  the possibility to apply three-glass package with Ug = 0,7 W/(m2K) coefficient; the possibility to apply glasses with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornament or solar protective. Wide range of door fillings. Fittings 3-point automatic bolt espagnolette; 3 hinges.


Thermal insulation

Uw = 1,1 W/(m2K) for the door with the measurements 1000x2100 mm.


Spacer frame

Steel galvanized spacer frame in standard, optionally Swisspacer Ultimate available in various colour options  



The Doors are equipped with the system of double sealing made of EPDM. External and internal gaskets are available in black, grey and graphite colours.

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