Softline-68mm doors

Perfect combination of high quality and natural beauty

  1. Elegant design reflected in the beautiful form of the rounded profile with streamline shape. Doors are available in three types of wood: pine, meranti 450+  and larch.

  2. High quality achieved through application of top components and the use of selected wood for production.

  3. Focus on ecology thanks to the application of natural wood and special water-based types of varnish.

  4. Perfect woodwork durability thanks to the aluminum board that protects the wood against UV rays and water flowing from the glass and  thermos-drip that facilitates water drainage.

  5. Wide possibilities to customize the interior resulting from great selection of covering and transparent paints.

  6. Curved doors avaiable.

  7. High level of energy efficiency provided by the optimum quality of materials used for production, special sealing system and the proper glass package.

  8. Application of low threshold that ensures easy usage.

Drutex windows and doors  modern design, innovative technology and high A+ energy efficiency that ensures lower heating bills!

More than 30-year experience in creating high quality products, including full control at each stage of windows production that are manufactured from A to Z.


Park House
Town Parks Industrial Estate,

Co. Kildare, Ireland

R14 PV21

Tel. 059-918-6026

We also provide services for installing all of our products that we offer for sale. With our experience and skillful expertise, we can install top-quality doors and windows that not only look good, but also keep your premises secure.

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